Who am I?

After graduating with a university diploma and a few years as a social worker, I felt the need to find the “keys” to refine my knowledge of caregiving, soothe the traumas of my own History and go towards a job that would fit me better. Life naturally put me in relation with relaxation and personal development. In 2005, I obtained the certificate of Evolutive and Expressive Relaxation delivered by the Isthme Formation school (95.) This excellent and recognized school allowed me to learn and experience methods that I now use for myself and share with others.

Having felt a particular affinity with the sense of touch for a long time, I left for Switzerland in the winter of 2006 where I studied different massage techniques and worked for 4 winter seasons in a therapeutic massage center in Verbier.

Throughout those 20 months, I was able to learn and master deep tissue massage, reflexology and the massaging of pregnant women, alongside Martine Michellod, a graduate from the Hawaiian School of Body Therapy.

There, I also discovered the Bowen/NST techniques and took interest in it due to the large field of possibilities given by this tool and the incredible results I had seen it have on people. In May 2007, after my first season, I had enough expertise and skills to study and obtain the 1st level in this method. After reaching the 2nd level in November 2011, I then got the CAP (Certified Advanced Practitioner) in 2016.

From 2006 to 2015, I worked in the Cyclade Islands in Greece during the summer seasons using those techniques as an independent practitioner.

Thanks to Martine Michellod, during my time in Verbier I learned how to “feel”. Years of practice helped me develop this ability and I received training in magnetism in 2015 in order to better understand the energy that surrounds us and use that knowledge as best as possible.

My work tools come from all these courses, my own work and life experiences, meetings, feelings that feed and help me grow, allowing me to always give the best of myself to the people who come to me.

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