Evolutive and Expressive Relaxation 

Relaxation techniques can be static and dynamic, and include:

  • visualizations
  • meditative states
  • body and energetic work
  • relaxing massages

It is EVOLUTIVE: it is not a static, fixed method, but a « savoir-faire » that is able to evolve and adapt to different needs. It allows you to find and soften the limits that bind you, to remobilize your inner resources and potential in order to let the evolution of life run its course peacefully.

It is EXPRESSIVE: it favors spontaneous expression (verbal, bodily, creative, emotional, artistic…) Evolution and Expressive Relaxation offers the possibility of discovering, experiencing and developing the tools needed for their own relaxation as well as assembling resources and potentialities.  It promotes autonomy, freedom, adaptability, creativity, evolution and expression.

About relaxologists: They are professional specialized in approaches and methods of relaxation in a broad sense. Through the work they offer (individually or in group),  they support their clients in finding or discovering spaces of well-being and deep relaxation in themselves. They also promote an authentic encounter with the self, others, and Life, allowing everyone to explore their inner landscape and to use its vast richness to rediscover the meaning and beauty of life.

The techniques

Sophrology,  the Vittoz method (sensorial exercises), Jacobson’s relaxation technique, Schultz’s autogenic training, the Alpha method, Martenot’s dynamic relaxation, breathing exercises, body work, massages (“relaxinésie”, metamorphic massage, self-massage, Korean relaxation), creative drawing, guided relaxation, verbalization, positive thinking, visualization…

Will act on:

muscle relaxation, pain reduction, learning of body reactions, improvement of sleep quality, regulation of internal organs, development of respiratory abilities.

Will allow you to:

  • better manage your stress and emotions
  • improve your self confidence
  • relax, free yourself from tension
  • listen to yourself
  • be attentive to your inner sensations and feelings
  • discover the benefits of breathing in order to find calm and serenity in yourself.
  • boost your health
  • treat yourself to a moment of well-being
  • You will be able to experience and learn techniques to relax in your daily life, according to your needs.

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