Relaxologist Code of Conduct and Ethics

Work legally: being a licensed professional (liberal, auto-entrepreneur, employee or volunteer) and subscribing to an insurance of Professional Civil Responsibility.

Respect the dignity and integrity of the person in your care for relaxation or sophrology work:

  • knowing  their own personal and professional limits
  • committing to refer the person to another practitioner if necessary
  • implementing research of means and techniques that focus on clients’ autonomy and well-being.
  • respecting religious, political and philosophical beliefs.
  • refusing to use any practice or pressure of any kind that could jeopardize the integrity of the client
  • using practice supervision sessions with other qualified professionals: if difficulties are met in the exercise of practice, if there are relational problems with clients, if deepening the knowledge of theory or practice is needed
  • banning any sexual intercourse with patients as well as trainees during group sessions. Forbidding any sexual practice between group participants.
  • Banning and forbidding any acts of violence inflicted upon oneself or others.
  • Set fees with tact and measure and refrain from any material and financial exploitation towards patients.
  • Clearly state the terms of the contract (modalities, techniques, duration of sessions, time period of the service/follow-up…) with the patient or the organization (institution, company, association)
  • Commit to give clear answers to patients’ question about professional training as a relaxologist or relaxation therapist, as well as your area of application and field of expertise.
  • Prohibit any kind of misleading advertisement (unrealistic promises, usurpation of skills)
  • Respect and make sure confidentiality is respected (particularly in group work).
  • Guaranteeing professional secrecy
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